HostGator Web Hosting Affiliate Program For Hosting Referrals

The HostGator Affiliate program is an advertising program wherein we pay a specific settled commission to our partners to drive new clients/referrals. HostGator Affiliate Program
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The HostGator Affiliate program is an advertising program wherein we pay a specific settled commission to our partners to drive new clients/referrals.


What amount would I be able to acquire With HostGator Affiliate Program?

  • We offer a level based commission structure, which implies you can acquire anyplace between Rs.1250 to Rs.3000 per qualifying recruits.

Is there a Sign-Up Fee?

  • Nope, join is entirely FREE.
  • You can join here

What specialized aptitudes do I have to end up distinctly an Affiliate?

  • You shouldn't be a scientific genius to wind up distinctly an offshoot. We'll attach you with excellent standards and connections, and you should just put them on your site. It's obvious; it's simple & easy.

How would I screen my bonuses?

  • You'll gain a swanky power board to screen everything. All Commission related points of interest, standards, and so forth will all be accessible there.

At the point when do I get paid?

  • Commissions are paid on a net 60 days premise. It implies commissions earned in January are paid around the 30th of March.

Are my income assessable?

  1. Yes, per the Indian IT Laws commissions pull in TDS conclusions. TDS is deducted @ 10% if your PAN card points of interest are on record, else the material rate is 20%.
  2. Note: TDS reasoning is liable to change the given strategy changes each budgetary year.

How would I get paid?

  1. Commissions are paid out using Bank/Wire Transfer or PayPal.
  2. Where do I overhaul my subtle bank elements to get commissions?
  3. Just drop an email at with your bank points of interest.
  4. Consider the possibility that my referral doesn't appear in announcing.
  5. HostGator will always help you to determine this as fast as could reasonably be expected. Shoot an email at with the accompanying data: Order ID, and Date of Sale.


Where would I be able to peruse your Terms and Conditions?

This archive contains the entire terms and conditions that apply to your cooperation, as an individual from the partner program of the "Assertion."

Working together as Endurance Web Solutions Private Limited in India with its primary place of business situated at - Endurance Web Solutions Private Limited, Door No.5-35/1, Near Kings Park Layout, Maryhill, Kavoor Post, Mangalore, Karnataka 575015. From now on, alluded to as "HostGator," "We," "Us," or "Our," as the setting may emerge.

Our subsidiary program acknowledged by you under this understanding pays you for sending your clients or guests of your site, (the "Partner Website" or "Your Website") to our site, i.e., By utilizing the one of a kind and uniform asset locator (the "Offshoot URL") gave us to you now and then.

The case for any reason, which includes, yet not restricted to, if Your Website consolidates pictures or substance that is unlawful, defamatory, revolting, annoying, or frightful. For example, destinations that encourage illegal action or advance brutality or advance or help others in advancing copyright encroachment (by and large alluded to as the "Precluded Content").



Using Links on Your Site.

  1. As a (HostGator) Affiliate Website, you may utilize any advancement you pick, predictable with the terms of this Agreement.
  2. You may utilize standard ads, catch joins as well as Affiliate URL to Our site. In any case, you might not send any hazardous material, including without restriction, spam, malware, infection, destructive treats, which crushes or trade off the security arrangement of Our equipment or potentially programming gear as well as the framework.
  3. Any movement by you or for your benefit that we decide or sensibly suspect to be the aftereffect of a spontaneous mass email program will bring about your quick end from the Agreement, and you're relinquishing of monies generally because of you hereunder. Suitable limited time connections may contain HostGator's exchange names, benefit marks, special electronic pennant as well as logos for the show on the Your Website (from now on alluded to as the "HostGator Property"). Go through the terms and conditions in this regard; you are conceded a constrained, non-selective, non-transferable, revocable, and restricted permit to get to and download such Affiliate Link.
  4. Also, other assigned HostGator Property for situation or distribution on Your Website for the sole and elite reason for advancing the items and additionally benefits claimed, worked or controlled by HostGator and all the more particularly put forward in "Annexure An" in this beneath ("HostGator Product"). In using the Links, you concur that you will coordinate entirely with us to build up and keep up such Affiliate Link. The Affiliate Link may just be outwardly adjusted with our previous consent.
  5. You should be qualified for just a single associate record; then, we might have the privilege to erase the additional files with the slightest gathered adjust without prior notice to you.


Payout Structure

  • We will pay you a commission in light of the payout structure put forward in "Annexure B" about. Encourage, we maintain whatever authority is needed to correct the payout structure now and then at our sole caution, and by tolerating this Agreement, you concede your consent for the same.


Following and Commissions.

  1. Subject to the terms and states of this Agreement, a commission will be imparted to you just on those HostGator Product, which has been obtained by the clients or guests of Your Website after being alluded through the Affiliate URL (from now on alluded to as the "Member Lead").
  2. Without constraining the sweeping statement of prior, Commission is payable just on buys made by the Affiliate Leads (alluded through the Affiliate URL and buy is made through Our site) within thirty days from the time of day on which the Affiliate Lead being alluded first time to our Website through the Affiliate URL.
  3. In the event it's not too much trouble, take note of this is relevant just for navigation activity to the remarkable Affiliate URL. Advance, for the shirking of uncertainty, it is cleared up that the Commission should be paid on HostGator Product, which is sold by HostGator Indian element.
  4. The Commission will focus most immediately on the last snap premise, for evasion of uncertainty, it is illuminated that if the Affiliate Lead taps on some other one of a kind Affiliate URL. Not controlled by you or Your Website, amid the following time frame (clarified in above para), then you might not be qualified for Commission on buys made by that Affiliate Lead.
  5. Minimum payout - Commission installments will be made by HostGator to you (a subsidiary) just if the base month to month commission gathered is Rs. 3000. On the off chance that the commission sum collected is not as much as Rs. Three thousand in a month, and later the Commission will get conveyed forward to the ensuing month ("convey sent commission").
  6. It also gets to be distinctly due to the following month's bonus subject to the condition that the total of the convey sent Commission and resulting month commission is Rs. at least 3000. Coming up short, which the said total and accumulated sum should be expressed forward in the same way as put forward in the previous sentence until such period until the aggregate collected amount is Rs at least 3000. Commission conveyed ahead in this way might be free from any intrigue.
  7. Coupon Codes – Currently, we don't offer any coupon codes for our subsidiary program covering the market of the Republic of India. We may provide extraordinarily marked down coupon codes to some of our partners tolerating this Agreement. To ask for this, please email members [@] HostGator [dot] in
  8. This Agreement and our associate program set out in this are implied entirely for people/organizations who allude (subject to this Agreement) new clients to HostGator/Us utilizing endorsed promoting strategies, the Affiliate URL, or potentially HostGator Property. If you mishandle our program by obtaining items for yourself, then you should not be qualified for winning commissions on such buy.
  9. Incentivized commissions, and offering any motivator to get a deal is prohibited unless the earlier endorsement is given and cleared by HostGator. To ask on whether your motivating force is satisfactory, please email offshoots [@] HostGator [dot] in
  10. The commission rate is liable to change now and then. HostGator claims all authority to alter the payout structure every once in a while at our sole tact, and by tolerating this Agreement you give your consent for the same If you are alluding customers to HostGator from a free facilitating administration that you run, you are not qualified for commissions unless given express consent by HostGator. You should contact our associate office for a survey and an exceptional commission rate. For this please email offshoots [@] HostGator [dot] in

Commission Payment.

  1. The Commissions which are due and owed to you under the Agreement will be paid to you straightforwardly by HostGator. After a holding time of 90 days and as per a general payout cycle set up by HostGator India.
  2. Commissions will be payable just if the facilitating account stays ACTIVE amid this 90-day holding period.
  3. In case of information exchanges by you, your home no commission will be paid.


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