How to open the OneDrive Admin Center?

Learn Proper Steps how to open Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive Admin Center
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There are many times when you need to look into the Admin center of OneDrive for giving permissions, checking storages, one drive sync issues, data migrations, compliance, or notifications, etc.

To check or work on all these issues we need to go directly into the OneDrive admin center. People who don't know how to go into Onedrive Admin center.

Here are the detailed steps.

  1. First, you need to login to with your proper credentials.
  2. After log in you need to click on the left 9 dots as shown in the image below.

Click Bars on left side of Office 365


Click Bars on the left side of Office 365[/caption]

After this step please search for admin and click on it.

click on office 365 admin center


Click on office 365 admin center

Now if you are a global administrator or OneDrive Admin you can easily login into the admin center.

After login into admin center > search admin center on the left-hand bottom then click on OneDrive Admin

Click OneDrive Admin Center


Click OneDrive Admin Center

After Clicking there you can be logged into the OneDrive Admin Center if you have proper credentials, which looks like this.

Office 365 OneDrive Admin Center

Office 365 OneDrive Admin Center



Login/Sign Up


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