How to Use Docker Container inside VS Code

Step by step instructions to use Docker Containers from Visual Studio Code.
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Working on Dockers from shell or PowerShell is good but not great because you need to look for everything, like how many containers, etc you have. I am working on docker container from PowerShell and I want to see how many images I have.

Docker Image command inside WIndows Powershell

But this is very time consuming and not a great way to work on large projects. Thats why we need to run Dockers inside Visual Studio Code or VS Code.

To run Docker inside VS' code you need to do the following steps.

1. Search Docker inside visual studio code extensions and install the Docker extension.

Search docker inside VS code extensions



2. Now you will see the docker logo on the bottom left side of vs code, click that and you will see all your containers, images, networks, etc.

Image showing powershell vs vscode


Now if you want to run your image then just select the image, right-click it, and hit run.


Now you are inside the terminal.

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