Meeting invites directly going to Calendar without showing in inbox

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If you’re meeting invites are not coming in your Inbox and are directly going to Calendar, which is creating a problem as you are not notified about the meetings. Then there is no need to worry as there are many reasons because of which you might face this issue. First, you need to check some of your Outlook settings.

Need to know Powershell Connectivity Issues

Following are the settings which you need to check:

1. Automatically accept or decline.

  • In your Outlook, go to File
  • Click on Option which will open an Outlook options window.




  • In the left-hand side, click on Calendar.



  •  Scroll down and go to Automatic accept or decline, click on Auto accept/decline…

Automatic accept or decline

  • Check if any checkbox is checked, if yes unchecked it.


2. Check if any delegate access is given to your account.

Delegate access


3.View settings

  • Go to View tab>View Settings>Filter... and check if you have any filter.

View Settings 


4. Check if any Rules are created which is not allowing Inbox to show the invites. If yes delete the Rule.

  • For checking the rules go to the file tab and Manage Rules $ Alerts.

Manage Rules & Alerts

If all settings are proper but still you are facing the issue you can go and Reset the view which will bring all the invites to your Inbox.

 Reset View

  1. Open the Outlook.
  2. Click on the view tab > Reset view as shown in the below screenshot.

Reset View 

3. Click on yes button.

Are you sure you want to reset the View

Are you sure you want to reset the View



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