Microsoft Teams Video has been Disabled by Administrator [Solved]

Users in the organization facing this issue: Microsoft Teams Video has been disabled by the administrator. Check what i did to solve this teams video issue, step by step with images.
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Today we migrated from Skype to Teams in Office 365 and we turned on Video meetings for all the users in the organization. But some users still getting this error as shown below. 

Teams Video Disabled by Administrator


If your users are getting the same issue and then please follow the same steps that I am doing right now.

The first step is to check if you turned on the Video in your meeting.


Login into Teams Admin Portal.

 1. Login into Office 365 Admin Portal     

Office365 admin portal    

2. Then Click all Admins Center as shown Image below

click on the left side of all admin center of office 365



3. Now Click Teams Admin panel As shown Image below

click teams in all admin center in office 365


4.  Teams admin panel

Inside look of teams portal


5. Now search meeting on the left side as shown image below

click meetings inside teams admin portal


6. Inside Meetings click Meeting policies as shown below

click meeting policies inside meetings, teams office 365


7. Then click Global (Org-wide default) policy as shown image below

Click Default global policy



8. Now look for Audio and Video (Audio and video settings let you turn on or off features that are used during Teams meetings.). Look if you turned on Allow Video Ip, if not then please turn it on so users can do video conferences in the organization when they are in the team meeting.

Allow Video IP - turn on



9. Now click on users on the left side then search the user.

Teams User admin portal


10. Find the Search bar and search the affected user then click on that particular user and look for policies and click it. (In our case Global (Org-wide default) policy is already attached so I am just showing you the steps.)

click on the policies office 365 user teams


12. Check if Global (Org-wide default) policy is attached or not, if not then please attach the Meeting policy as Global (Org-wide default) policy.

Select the global policy and save


13. Tell the user to restart the windows and then log back into the teams. After login, if still, users are facing the issue which says the video is disabled by the administrator, it means there is some issue in the user machine not in the teams policies. If you open the teams from google chrome it will work fine but if you want team native app will work then do this following steps inside the user computer. 


Open the affected user machine.

The first step is to Quit the Teams from that machine. Go to the right-hand bottom corner of the machine look for teams, right-click, and click quit.

right side bottom - search teams


Now open file explorer then paste this

Some issue on the editor that's why it's not taking backslash so we replace it with "-" Please change it as shown below in the image


or C:-Users-username-AppData-Roaming-Microsoft-Teams

Microsoft teams cache location



Then Delete everything from here and tell the user to restart the machine and login into teams. It will resolve the issue.


Comment me if you still facing the issue. Hope it helps!!!







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