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Hi All,

If you are dealing with this issue, let me tell you this is not a piece of cake. It's almost two weeks now, and I am in the same spot from where I started the journey of troubleshooting this issue.

I lost OneNote section files from my computer. I encountered this issue for the first time after my laptop being upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. So, I opened a ticket with Microsoft to help me find the files or retrieve the data from there Disaster Recovery Centers.

Before restoring files from Data Recovery Centers, Microsoft gave me some troubleshooting steps to recover the OneNote Files as Follows:


  1. Reinstall Office 365 on the employee computer.
  2. Try and test OneNote in different machines and browsers.
  3. We opened the OneDrive for the business library in the explorer view and identified that the sections I was having trouble accessing were missing.
  4. I checked the OneNote recycle bin online and the OneNote backup folder to check if I am able to find any deleted sections. However, it was empty.
  5. I tried to restore the OneDrive for the business site using the restore option available to us in the OneDrive for business UI; however, I was still having trouble accessing a few sections.


After doing all these steps, I found out there is no other option than restore OneNote files from Disaster Recovery Center.

Then they restore OneDrive Back to 1 Aug 2018.  After restoring, we found the files, and in this way, we can resolve this issue.


So If you Encounter this kind of issue, better restore OneDrive to the old date where you saw this error for the first time.


One note Dekstop Issue

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OneNote Issue Browser

OneNote Issue Browser

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