What is a Storage Server?

A storage server is a type of server that is used to store, access, secure and manage digital data, files and services.
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In the case when you enquire with individuals about the storage server or storage servers, most of them will have the blank expression on their face and you there is always a possibility that you will get many weird replies. In this write-up, you will get to read what precisely the storage servers are, what makes them storage servers and few examples of them.

When you make this questions to various individuals, you will get varieties of answers. According to few people, it is just a regular server with some added features, and few will say it a sealed box which is used to perform some dedicated tasks, and according to some others it just a server attached to the network or network attached server - NAS.


Storage Server Is Somewhat Different From Your Regular Server  

The regular server is usually configured to perform various tasks and functions. It can be operated as a file, application database, print, internet related functions and other so many jobs. Which means that it must be having lots of disk space, high-end RAM and the processor must be functioning at breakneck speed.

But when talking about the storage server, it is not just your regular server. The storage server is structured and configured to perform a specific function or purpose, that is why the storage server is configured in the very different way. Usually, the storage server is having more storage space than other typical servers.

The typical server has about five to six disks for the storage purpose, but storage has more than six disks; usually twelve to twenty-four disks for the storage purposes.  Storage is a standalone or individual unit and is being built into a 4U rackmount. Some other versions of storage servers have the two units or boxes - one will be the storage unit, and server unit is located in the vicinity. Both of the units can be kept with each other in the separate boxes or racks.  

So, you must have understood by now that the storage server is configured to give the storage space to the user and consumers. But in addition to that, they also come with a host of specialized servers. The things which can be included in it is - storage management software, additional hardware with more resilience, full range RAID configurations and extra network connections so that it can enable more desktop users to get smoothly connected with them.


So Storage Server Is Just A NAS Box?   

Strikingly, a few sellers characterize storage servers as far as NAS. A NAS machine, otherwise called a NAS filer, by and large, has a thinned down OS and file framework, and just procedures I/O asks for by the primary document sharing conventions. The enormous preferred standpoint of the NAS configuration is that it empowers stockpiling to be quickly included by connecting the apparatus to a network center or switch.

'To the extent, HP is concerned, a storage server is NAS,' as per the Jim Hankins, product promoting manager for HP's NAS division. 'Generally, it is a devoted file and print server.'

HP has five ProLiant models accessible as broadly useful servers or storage servers/NAS filer - everyone has similar essential hardware configuration. On the off chance that authorized as a storage server, the client may not run broadly useful applications on that server. On the off chance that the same ProLiant server is being utilized as a general server, nonetheless, applications can keep running on it. To sweeten the arrangement, HP costs its stockpiling servers a little lower than their broadly useful kin.

Also, HP's NAS-based storage servers have additional usefulness incorporated with the working framework, storage particular management apparatuses, stockpiling revealing abilities, and a Web-based UI that makes it less demanding to configuration document and print. These features are not accessible on its broadly useful servers.

So is NAS exceptionally only a storage server? The appropriate response shifts, contingent upon whom you inquire. In any case, it shows up there is next to no contrast between them. NAS, it turns out, isn't stockpiling organizing.

Real network connected storage would be storage joined to a storage territory arrange (SAN). NAS, then again, is only a specific server joined to a neighborhood. Everything it does is make its documents accessible to clients and applications associated with that NAS box, much the same as a storage server.


FAQ's Related To Storage Server

How do storage servers function?

In figures, a file server (or file server) is a PC connected to a network that gives an area to shared plate get to, i.e., shared storage of PC files, for example, documents, sound documents, photos, films, pictures, other files, and so forth.


What is a server SAN?

Server SAN is software driven storage based on production servers with specifically appended storage (DAS). Wikibon trusts Server SAN is ready to disturb conventional storage designs throughout the following decade. Hyperscale specialist organizations have built up their answers for giving endeavor stockpiling administrations.


What is implied by a storage device in the field of computing?

A storage device is any processing hardware that is utilized for putting away, porting and separating information documents and questions. It can hold and store data both for a short span and for all time and can be inner or outer to a PC, server or any comparable figuring device.


What is the database server?

The database server is the term used to allude to the back-end arrangement of a database application utilizing customer/server engineering. The back-end, here and there called a database server, performs undertakings, for example, information examination, stockpiling, information control, chronicling, and other non-client particular assignments.


What is a print server and what is its primary function?

A print server is a device that interfaces printers to customer PCs over a network. It acknowledges print occupations from the PCs and sends the employment to the suitable printers, lining the professions locally to oblige the way that work may arrive more rapidly than the printer can deal with.


How might I make my particular cloud server?

-- Open up the ownCloud software on your PC, and select - Configure.

-- Include the URL of your ownCloud server and your login certifications.

-- Presently, you have to choose the documents and envelopes you need to adjust. Snap 'Include folder' and select an organizer on your PC.

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