What is EC2 Compute in Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

A Detailed introduction on EC2 Compute in Amazon Web Services.
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EC2 is the abbreviation for Elastic Cloud Compute that is a web service by Amazon.com. This web service acts as a platform for providing cloud computing capacity and data storage to use the services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon EC2 allows the developers and businesses to access the applications and compute capacity provided by Amazon public cloud to manage their computing resources and workload. The computing capacity is available in software models and therefore is flexible in terms of power and memory that a user can manually alter as wished. The software is available in subscription models that only charge for the resources consumed. 

Amazon EC2 can assimilate a huge amount of resources and computing power, allowing a user to increase or decrease the cloud capacity manually. Also, Amazon Web Services allow hosting multiple capacity instances on demand.


Working of EC2

The first and foremost step is to sign up for an Amazon account at the Amazon Web Services website. If you already have an account, sign in by clicking at "Sign in to the console."Afterward, you'll have access to the AWS Management Console to manage EC2. Next, you can see from the services dashboard you can select your EC2.

Now you can choose from Amazon Machine Learning (AMI) Image or manually configured AMI. The AMI is then registered with the chosen EC2 after which you'll be provided with an AMI profile. Next, you can use your AMI identifier to call for the virtual machines needed.

A specific EC2 instance only keeps a record of data as long as it is running. However, a developer has access to other services by Amazon that allows more extended durability and data backup for EC2.



Features and components of EC2


A virtual firewall protects Amazon EC2 instances for keeping a check on the traffic from different instances. It further follows the public-key cryptography mechanism to deal with login information. This mechanism makes use of the public key to decrypt or encrypt a piece of information such as login and password. 

Developers have full control over the availability and accessibility of their EC2 account. The security provides a secure platform and creating to accommodate instances in it as needed. You have the option to identify those groups accessible to other groups to communicate. Also, you can allocate certain groups with which specific IP address users may communicate.


System Managers

AWS EC2 comes with a collection of system managers for maintaining, configuring, and administrating the computing instances, virtual machines and servers. EC2 system manager has a user-interface allowing the developer to assess the operational data and manage various settings and tasks for AWS resources.



Amazon CloudWatch is a surveillance service used for monitoring your cloud computing resources and databases relevant to your AWS profile. It collects and manages variables related to your applications and instances. Furthermore, it keeps you notified about the recent updates and changes you make according to your profile history and association.


Security check

Amazon EC2 has a constant status check on the running instances to ensure reliability and safety while looking out for any software or hardware issues. In the end, you can view the results and status of your AWS resources to identify if any problem exists.


OS compatibility

Amazon EC2 is compatible with various Operating Systems requiring additional subscription fees including Windows Server, Oracle, UNIX, Linux, SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise. The operating systems work with the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. 



Instances provide the users the leniency to work with their computing resources by using virtual machines on rent instead of buying hardware. The instances further help to run program applications and other software on the AWS infrastructure. 

Amazon provides distinct types of instances varying in size, capabilities, and price department. Each instance type is intended for different needs and computing purposes. Apart from the general-purpose computing instances, EC2 also provides different instance types explicitly developed for memory, computing, and storage workloads. Furthermore, Amazon also restricts the number of instances used by a single user at a time in a specific region. Every instance category comes with varying specifications depending upon the CPU abilities such as memory, storage, and requirements of the user.



Amazon EC2 charges only for the number and types of services and applications you use. Depending on that, you have the option to choose from varying pricing options. Hence, the user can estimate the charges as per its need.


Benefits of EC2

Amazon EC2 is among the latest and most prominent aspect of the Amazon franchise. Due to its variety of features and numerous benefits, it is highly preferred among business and IT circles. Here is a list of a few of the pivotal benefits that EC2 offers to its customers.


Highly secure

Amazon EC2 provides a safe and reliable technology platform for its customers, ensuring the integrity and security of your resources and data. Amazon's services centers have the bulk of high-end operational security preventing and leak or hole in the system. Amazon EC2 resources are protected by Amazon Virtual Private Cloud that provides a solid platform for resources where timely audits and security checks ensure safety.



Amazon Web Services only charge for the specific services you utilize and demand no long-term commitments for pricing. No minimum pricing or advance payment is needed. Furthermore, EC2 service is fairly affordable as compared to other conventional methods and ensures cost-effectiveness for its customers.



Amazon EC2 is a highly convenient and reliable platform where working with cloud resources and instances is rapid and efficient. You are not limited by the number of services, storage, and computing resources and thus can scale up or down with AWS and it seems fit.



Amazon EC2 allows you to explore and experiment with its vast cloud infrastructure resources and services. You can manually scale up or down through its massive collection of applications and services as you like. Adding or subtracting additional resources on demand is as easy as it comes. 



In a nutshell, AWS EC2 is a revolutionary platform for managing modern technological resources, businesses, and infrastructures while ensuring cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reliability. Therefore, it has been undertaken by thousands of IT and business infrastructures globally. The developers highly prefer it due to its high-end security features and infrastructural security. In the coming years, it goes without the doubt that AWS EC2 only looks to replace other conventional methods and keeps on growing.


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