What is Google Firebase?

Learn the basics of Google Firebase, Understand what is Google Firebase, it's uses, it's advantages and disadvantages. Google Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service, also known as BAAS
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Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service, also known as -  BaaS, that began as a YC11 startup and grew up into a cutting edge app development platform on Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase liberates developers to focus on creating incredible user experiences. You don't have to manage servers. You don't have to write APIs. Firebase is your server, your API and your datastore, all written so conventionally that you can adjust it to suit most needs. Better believe it, you'll once in a while need to utilize different bits of the Google Cloud for your propelled apps. Firebase cant be everything to everyone. Be that as it may, it gets really close.


So what is Firebase?

It's a Realtime Database

Realtime data is the next future. No one compares with it.

Most of the databases expect you to make HTTP calls to get and match up your data. Most databases give you data just when you request it.

At the point when you associate your app to Firebase, you're not interacting through ordinary HTTP. You're interacting with a WebSocket. WebSockets are a whole lot faster than HTTP. You don't need to make individual WebSocket calls since one attachment association is the bounty. Your data synchronizes amazingly through that solitary WebSocket as quickly as your customer's system can convey it. 

Firebase sends you new data when it's updated. At the point when your customer spares a change to the data, every single associated customer get the updated data right away.


Its File Storage

Firebase Storage gives a basic method to save binary documents — frequently pictures; however, it could be anything — to Google Cloud Storage straightforwardly from the customer!!!

Firebase Storage has an arrangement of security rules to shield your GCloud container from the majority while allowing your verified customers to have nitty-gritty compose benefits.


Its Authentication

Firebase auth has worked with an email/secret key authentication system. It additionally supports OAuth2 for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub. Well, concentrate on email/password confirmation generally. Firebases OAuth2 system is all around recorded and, for the most part, duplicate/glue. 

In the case that you've composed a confirmation system at any point, how about we sympathize for a second. Custom confirmation is horrible. I will never compose an auth system again for whatever length of time that I live. I became hopelessly enamored with Firebase Auth from the outset sight, and the fire has never faltered. Now and then, I get baffled.

In some cases, we battle. Yet, I always remember the chilly, dull pit of a custom auth system. I remember my good fortune.


How can it work?

The Firebase Realtime Database lets you construct rich, collective apps by permitting secure access to the database straightforwardly from customer side code. Data has persevered locally, and even while disconnected, realtime occasions keep on terminating, giving the end-user a responsive experience. At the point when the gadget recovers association, the Realtime Database synchronizes the neighborhood data changes with the remote updates that happened while the customer was disconnected, combining any contentions naturally.

The Realtime Database gives an adaptable, articulation based principles language, called Firebase Realtime Database Security Rules, to characterize how your data should be organized and when data can be perused from or written to. When incorporated with Firebase Authentication, engineers can describe who approaches what data, and how they can get to it.

The Realtime Database is a NoSQL database and, as such, has various enhancements and usefulness contrasted with a social database. The Realtime Database API is intended to permit tasks that can be executed rapidly. This empowers you to assemble an incredible realtime experience that can serve a great many users without settling on responsiveness. It is imperative to consider how users need to get to your data and afterward structure it in like manner.


Its a Fully-Featured App Platform

The Firebase group has coordinated a lot of new and existing Google items with Firebase. I don't plan to cover these highlights in detail yet.

A lot of these highlights apply to iOS and Android yet not to the web.

# Remote Config

# Test Lab

# Crash

# Notifications

# Dynamic Links

# AdMob


Firebase Pros and Cons

It's not all roses.

That is to say, it generally has many advantages, however some cons too.



# Email and password, Google, Facebook, and Github authentication

# Realtime data

# Instant programming interface

# Worked in security at the data hub level

# Document stockpiling upheld by Google Cloud Storage

# Static document facilitating

# Treat data as streams to construct exceptionally adaptable apps

# Try not to stress over your system!



# Restricted inquiry capacities because of Firebases data stream model

# Conventional social data models are not pertinent to NoSQL; in this way, your SQL slashes won't move

# No on-premise establishment

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